It was twenty years ago today…

20th anniversary show, March 30, 2007, in Louis Hall
At the studio in Louis Hall
Well, probably not to the day, but close. I realized a few days ago that the start of spring quarter at Northwestern marks the twentieth anniversary of my presence on the WNUR jazz show. I started as an apprentice in the spring, then had my own show by the summer; though there have been a few quarters over the intervening years when I didn’t do a show, I have been a steady presence ever since. It has been great treat, and I have enjoyed it immensely.

I’m excited to start my third decade of WNUR jazz in the new studios. They are still tidying up the loose ends and fixing a few bugs, but it is already a treat to work in the new space. The picture may not make it seem that different from the old space, but the changes are immense. The inaugural/anniversary show featured old music, nothing recorded after 1987 — indded a lot of old favorites going back to the twenties. Two and a half hours isn’t really enough to even begin to hit the high spots, but it was good fun.