Phoneathon 2013

WNUR Phoneathon 2013Phoneathon 2013 will run from February 7-14. The usual deal: your support helps to keep us doing what we do. Fine premiums to be had by way of thanks. Crank up the checkbook, dust off the credit card, and help keep us on the air!

The Station Website

The WNUR website is in the process of being updated (the old version worked, but was tough to update and so was perennially out of date), but sadly they have brought up a barely functional version of the new site which is currently almost devoid of content and breaks all the old links. I’m sure that eventually everything will get squared away and all will be well, but there is no ETA for that at the moment. When they fix things I will update links here accordingly.

As always, this is the definitive place for my own playlists, so if you are looking to see exactly what I played this is the only place to come until they get WNUR playlist function working right.

Phoneathon 2010

Phoneathon 2010WNUR’s annual Phoneathon fundraiser runs February 18-25 this year. Your support helps the all volunteer staff of WNUR bring you the kind of music you won’t hear elswhere. Pledge by calling (847) 491-WNUR. There are plenty of fine premiums as thank you gifts for your