All that meat and no potatoes…


This website has been slightly updated, old links might be broken, but all the content —posts and playlists— have been moved across. I have fixed external links when it made sense, though archived posts may have the occasional dead link where the target has disappeared.

My WNUR Playlists: What I’ve played on my show since the summer of 2002. I update this pretty much in real time during my show, so it’s the place to go if you want to know about what you’ve been listening to (with the new palylist system what’s playing should also show up on the WNUR home page). Other DJ’s WNUR Jazz playlists can be found here.

Links to Jazz Labels: A simple lsit of links to most of the labels that distribute the music you hear on WNUR.

Jazz links: There isn’t much point in my creating and maintaining a list of links to jazz resources on the Web when Bob Keller has done a far better job than I am ever likely to do.

wnur-logoWNUR — my radio home since 1986, and where I have had a jazz show regularly since the summer of 1987. The station streams live via MP3 /mobile for those unlucky enough to live outside broadcast range. It was also home of the sadly defunct JazzWeb (via the Internet Archive), originally started in 1993 by Joe Germuska; but there were plans afoot to resuscitate the project as part of the WNUR wiki, but nothing seems to have come of it.

Back to Mondays

Over the last twenty or so years I have had shows on all five weekdays, but
the overwhelming majority of my shows have been on Fridays. There hasn’t been
any real master plan behind it, it has just fit in well with my life and the
difficulties of scheduling fifteen weekly jazz slots… This quarter Mondays
turn out to be the best fit, so I have switched days for a while; looking back
it seems that the last time I did Mondays was in the fall of 2002 (can it
really be that long ago?). I hope that the change isn’t too much of a wrench
for those of you who are used to listening on Friday mornings!

Normality Restored

I have received a couple of calls from people who were concerned that I was off the air for a while. Nothing sinister wass going on — I was just out of the country for a month; I’m back now, and things should be back to normal (at any rate as normal as they get at NUR).

Alain to the Rescue

The supplies of new music to the jazz drawer at NUR have dried up lately — things are beginning to get a little stale musically. Whoever undertook to be jazz music director for the summer seems to have dropped the ball; apparently there are piles of CDs awaiting someone to process them so that the rest of us can play them and you can listen to something new… Luckily Alain has come to the rescue and has started to do what’s necessary, so the drought should be ending soon. Thanks Alain!